Neurofeedback for Slow Cortical Potentials

This course focused on the therapeutic application of Neurofeedback of Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP Neurofeedback). Users will gain access to lessons that offer a foundational overview of EEG and Neurofeedback conditioning principles followed by lessons that focus especially on SCP Neurofeedback.
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Neurofeedback for Slow Cortical Potentails

This is a self-paced course intended for practitioners, therapists or researchers interested in applying evidence-based applications of SCP (Slow Cortical Potentials) Neurofeedback.

This is presented by Dr Trevor Brown (Neuroscientist)

There are 8 recorded lessons in this course, which are followed by a test for each lesson.


Important Information

  • For this self-paced course, we have estimated the following time commitment:
    • 5 hours to view all lesson presentations
    • 1 hours to complete all tests (subsequent to the lesson presentation)
    • 8 hours of additional recommended reading material
  • Course registration is valid for 6 months.  You must complete all lessons in this time to maintain consistency of study, ensure understanding of course material and prepare yourself adequately for your practical training.
  • This course accounts for 80 points towards your neuroCademy profile
  • Participants will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of all lessons in this course (see below for practical component).
  • For lessons with a test, an 80% pass of the test is required to advance to the next lesson. The test can be repeated as many times as needed. Each lesson includes a recorded video presentation and accompanying learning materials.
  • The course is designed as lessons to be completed in sequence. You will need to watch the presentation in full in order to complete the course.
  • All content remains the property of neuroCare Group and should not be copied or reproduced. Please read our Terms of use.

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Upon successful completion of this course, participants have the option of advancing to in-person practical training. In-person training sessions are regularly provided by neuroCare Clinics (Germany, Netherlands, Australia). Please visit or write to [email protected] for further details.